Sunday, 22 July 2012

How Fortunate We Are

I have really fallen behind in blogging it seems.  The reason for that is a wonderful one; we have just been keeping busy with regular family life.  Daphne is doing great.  Some milestones of hers in the last couple of weeks are her first words!  She started by saying Daddy a lot at everything.  I would encourage her to say Momma too and then she would say that repeatedly, but not necessarily to me.  Now she seems to use Daddy and Momma to call us.  It is the sweetest thing!  She can also climb up a small set of stairs now and a few times she has stood up completely independently.  I think she may take her first steps very soon now.  Her last transplant appointment went very well.  They are all pleased with her progress.  As for the peripheral pokes, they have been ok.  The adults who are getting their blood taken at the same time as her are always amazed by how little she cries.  And when she does cry, it is more of an annoyed cry, like “Why don’t you let go of my arm, I want to play!”   

Rowan has also been busy these last couple of weeks with lots of activities.  She had two weeks of daily swim lessons and last week she went to Summer Day Camp here at McKernan Baptist Church.  Rowan has been a very busy girl!  We will be taking some time off of scheduled activities now to enjoy some more laid back summer days.  I’m hoping to fill those days up with playdates, playgrounds and parks. 

All dressed up for Canada Day!

One of Daphne's favourite outdoor activity, the water table. 
Daphne also loves going for walks in the backpack. 

Rowan at her swim lesson. 

We've been eating on the gazebo more, less floor clean up required!
Trying to beat the Edmonton heat wave. 

"I ate my yogurt all by myself!"

Rowan going for a bike ride. 

And when Rowan gets too tired she can join Daphne in the bike trailer.