Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to School

Summer went by quickly.  Some of our latest summer activities included Rowan going to family camp for the weekend with her grandparents.  While she was away Brad set up a play structure in the backyard for the girls.  Rowan was so delighted when she got home.  After that she had gymnastics camp for a few days.  My mom also came to visit us for a week.  Rowan had so much fun that week.  Even now when Brad and I get busy with things around the house and she has no one to play with her, she will say “I want Grandma Wall to come over.”  Our last hurrah of the summer included a day spent at the Calgary Zoo and a weekend spent in Banff.  Rowan and Daphne loved it.  When we got back Rowan asked if we could live in Banff. 
Daphne loves her new swing. 

Rowan loves to play in her "playground."

We had a chance to visit the Jurasic Forest. 

Rowan got her first professional haircut.  This was prompted by her own attempt at a haircut!
Daphne loves that water table. 

Rowan enjoyed this statue at the Calgary Zoo. 

Who doesn't love throwing rocks in the water? 

As for Daphne, she has been doing well.  Her pokes are getting more difficult though.  She is very strong and fights them now.  They are still weekly.  Hopefully they will be less frequent soon.  Daphne's major milestone this past month is that she is walking!  Watching her walk is absolutely delightful! 
Daphne loves sliding!

Our biggest news as a family is that I am going back to work.  Wednesday was the staff's first day back.  Going back to work is a welcome change of pace for me.  As for the girls they are staying at home with their Dad.  That sure makes it easy for me to leave for work in the morning.  Brad will also be taking care of our two nieces at the same time.  Brad and four girls!  I am so proud of him.  Here is a clip showing how happy the girls are to all be together.