Saturday, 12 November 2011


Monday Daphne had another ultrasound.  There were no clots visible.  One thing they could see however, was that the flow in her portal vein has reversed. This is why her ascites is getting difficult to manage.  Daphne had albumin and lasix 4 times last week and just today did we see any change in her tummy.  The doctor also mentioned that now instead of becoming more and more enlarged her liver is starting to shrink.  All of these things are expected outcomes with severe liver disease. 

A nice thing about this week is that we have been able to go home at night to sleep.  It is so nice to sleep in our own bed and wake up and shower in our own house.  I also get to spend more time with Rowan this way. 

This weekend we are also spending more time at home.  Here are some pictures of the girls this week. 


  1. Gazing at these photos of your beautiful girls. You will not leave my thoughts today.

  2. Prayers for you from a hospital staff. Daphne has gripped my heart more than any other patient of mine has. He is near.

  3. I'm going through my daughters recovery from the Kasai and she has Ascites. She's been getting albumin and LASIX but I don't see anything getting better. Can we contact one another? Id love to talk with a mom who understands what I'm going through

    1. Feel free to email me. My email is You can also connect with me on facebook by searching for Vicky Higgins. I'm sorry about what your little girl is going through. Looking back on this old post I am amazed at how far Daphne has come already. I forget how big her tummy was and how yellow she looked at this point.