Saturday, 24 March 2012

Potassium issues

This week has been a rough week.  First, I got really sick.  I needed Brad to come home early from work to take Daphne to her Monday transplant clinic appointment.  The next day I was feeling a little better, but I had lost my voice.  Unfortunately, we received a call that Daphne’s blood work from the previous day was not looking good.  Her sodium was too low and her potassium was too high.  I took Daphne to the Stollery lab to get the bloodwork done again from a poke in the arm instead of her broviac, the results are more accurate.  We waited around to hear the results.  Unfortunately the results were not good.  Daphne was admitted again on Tuesday.  She received some IV fluids to increase her sodium and kayexalate to bring the potassium down.  The next day she was discharged. 
Daphne and Rowan snoozing in our bed. 
 At home she has been very good.  No sign at all that there is something wrong.  However, Friday evening, we got a call that her potassium was too high again.  Right now Brad is bringing her into the Stollery to get more blood work and to see what we need to do.  High potassium is bad for the heart, so we need to stay on top of this. 

We have finally found a food Daphne loves.  Noodles!


  1. So sorry to hear of this hurdle. Glad that they are onto it, and hoping they come up with a good solution very quickly. (Awful that you were also sick in the middle of it.)

    On another note, just look at Daphne's colour now! Amazing liver gift, changing so much! She and Rowan are so beautiful.

  2. Thankyou. I do get a bit discouraged sometimes with new issues, but its true she has come a long way. And really, although we are months post-transplant, not that much time has passed since our initial discharge. We are still in the very early stages.