Friday, 2 March 2012

New Feeding Pump

We have had a pretty quiet week at home.  Daphne had her first post-transplant appointment with the transplant team on Monday.   She will be having those weekly for a while.  Tuesday she saw her paediatrician.  Another appointment we will keep on a weekly basis for a while.  Today was busier though.  Daphne saw an occupational therapist for a swallowing assessment.  Then we were given a new pump to use with feeding Daphne.  I am very happy with this new pump.  It doesn’t require gravity at all, the pump and bag all stay in a little back pack and it has excellent battery life.  Now we aren’t stuck moving a pole around the house or tethered to an outlet all day.  I love it.  A minor setback today was getting a call that Daphne’s potassium was high again.  A high result could be coming from pulling the blood from her broviac, so we were told to go to a lab and get a peripheral blood draw instead.  It took two pokes, but we got the blood fairly quickly. 

I thought I would add some pictures from this week. 
Rowan enjoying the snow we've had!

Warming up inside with Welsh Cakes and Hot Apple Cider. 

Daphne's usual happy self!

Brad helping Daphne do some of her exercises. 

Tummy time.

Rowan and Daphne playing drums. 

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