Saturday, 29 October 2011

Status 2

This has been a long and very stressful week.  Monday started out fine with our regular blood work and appointment with the transplant team.  Later on I started to get worried because Daphne took a nap at 4pm that went until 8pm and then needed to go to bed at 8:30 already. 

The next day we were out and about lots.  Daphne wasn’t quite her regular happy self; she just seemed to want to nap all day.  In the evening I was definitely worried because she again napped at 4pm and then when she stirred at 7pm she was not happy that I got her up to feed and change her.  She would have preferred to go immediately back to sleep.  When I put her back to bed she was very relieved and fell asleep immediately.  

Wednesday I called the transplant coordinator and she said I needed to bring her into emergency.  At emergency she received albumin and lasix again to help her ascites and she was admitted into hospital. 
It looks like we will have to wait for a transplant with Daphne as an inpatient.  Daphne’s liver has just deteriorated so much she will probably need albumin and IV lasix every other day.  The sleepiness is also because of toxins accumulating in her bloodstream.  A healthy liver should be removing toxins from the body but hers isn’t. 

This afternoon we were let home on pass.  We plan to drop by the hospital tomorrow again but don’t plan on staying again until Monday morning.  It is difficult to wrap my head around what life will be like living in the hospital while we wait.  I had fully anticipated a long stay after transplant but was hoping to be at home until then.  Being admitted to hospital changes Daphne from being status 1 to being status 2.  Her doctor said she is currently the sickest status 2 patient.  This should help Daphne’s chances of getting a liver. 

Just a few pictures of our hospital stay so far. 
Rowan visiting Daphne in the emergency room. 
This is my mom.  She took some time off of work to come help us out.
They were having a Halloween party this morning so Brad brought Rowan in her lion costume.  She had a great time at the party. 
And here is our precious angel happy and awake at the Halloween party too (for a little while – she slept through most of it though.)
She sure gets a lot of compliments on her long eyelashes!