Saturday, 22 October 2011

A week without the broviac

This week has been a little busy, but not stressful.  It is a relief not to have that leaky broviac anymore.  The site has been healing wonderfully.  Its not even covered with anything at this point.  That also means she could bathe this week!  She hadn't been able to have anything but bed baths with the broviac.  Here are some pictures of her enjoying her bath time.  Rowan was helping out too.
The drawback of not having the broviac was giving Daphne all the pokes.  She had three pokes this week.  Monday was her weekly blood work.  Daphne's electrolytes were a little off, so she got blood work on Thursday again to check on them.  Friday she had another albumin infusion.  She didn't like the pokes of course, but they did work relatively well.  Before the broviac blood work was a nightmare.  The lab techs were always having trouble finding veins and would often need more than one poke for one set of labs.  Nurses would also have lots of trouble finding veins for IVs, but not this week fortunately.  Here is a picture of Daphne getting her albumin infusion.

Daphne has been a very happy, content baby this week.  We have had a really good week.  Here are some more pictures from this week.  Rowan and Daphne wearing their matching monster pajamas.
Rowan decorating her chocolate house for Halloween. 
Rowan getting ready for her dress-up party at dance class.
Although we had a good week with Daphne we are still eagerly awaiting that special call from the hospital.  Her doctor is too.  Daphne's albumin levels were actually in an acceptable range, but he wanted to top her up to prepare her for transplant.  Even when I would bathe Daphne, I couldn't help but be very careful and thorough, thinking every bath could be her last one before transplant. 

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  1. Daphne looks very robust, and in great spirits. It's lovely to see shots of the sisters together. I can almost picture them in their twenties smiling at the camera together, still great buddies.