Friday, 17 February 2012

Almost Home

She is almost home!  This week she has done really well.  She is off of CPAP at night now!  This week her tube feeding was switched from NJ (past the stomach) to NG (into the stomach).  Brad and I have also had some teaching sessions on meds and life post-transplant.  Sometimes the thought of life post-transplant sounds daunting, but really things aren’t that different for her.  We just have to be very cautious of things that cause infection.  Hygiene and food safety things that are really common sense are much more important now when it comes to Daphne’s immunity.  As for her meds, there are still a lot of them (15!), but they should decrease over time. 

The biggest news of this week is that Daphne gets to go home on pass tomorrow, probably early in the afternoon!  We are really happy to have our family all together again, although there will be a lot of adjusting for all of us.  I am just so happy that Daphne gets to come home before Brad goes back to work.  We are hoping she gets discharged when we return from pass! 

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