Friday, 24 February 2012

First week at home!

We have had a great week at home.  Daphne got to go home on pass for the long weekend and it was great.  Rowan impressed us so much.  She was so loving and happy that Daphne was home.  She kept saying “Baby is sooo cute!”  I agree. 

We had planned to go back to the hospital Tuesday morning at 8am for her morning bloodwork.  Unfortunately at 4am while I was changing her diaper she pulled off her broviac dressing.  I haven’t had the teaching on that yet and didn’t have the supplies anyway so we patched it up just enough to go to the ward to get the dressing changed properly.  Everything went fine while we were there and Daphne was discharged!

Since we have been home we have been pretty busy trying to get into a routine.  It is very important to give her meds on time.  At 8am there are 11 meds, one being an injection.  We give her 2 more meds at noon, another at 4pm.  At 8pm there are another 5 meds, again one being an injection.  It’s the 8am and 8pm ones that are very time dependent.  We are also getting homecare to come in twice a week, Monday and Thursday, to do Daphne’s bloodwork.  They have to come at 8am to take the blood before she gets her anti-rejection drugs.  They also maintain Daphne’s broviac line. 

We have also had to drop by the hospital twice since discharge.  On Thursday we went in because Daphne has had a bit of a runny nose so we got swabs taken.  Today we went in because her potassium numbers were too high and so we got some more bloodwork done.  Turns out her potassium is just fine and the high result was just an outlier. 

It has been a really great week though.  Having the family all together has been absolutely wonderful. 

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  1. Oh I can't stop smiling! I was praying that you would be able to bring her home soon and I just read your last two updates! How wonderful! I know it's still a lot of care and work for you guys and I'll keep praying, but how great to have her at home! Yay!
    God bless you guys! Praise the Lord!