Friday, 10 February 2012

Out of the PICU

I am so happy to let everyone know that we are out of the PICU!  Sunday morning Daphne’s chest x-ray looked great.  It showed no plural effusion (fluid in the chest).  We knew our time in the PICU was coming to an end, but we were surprised and pleased to hear Monday that they had a room for us upstairs! 
Monday afternoon Daphne was transferred to an isolation ICE room.  ICE stands for intensive care environment.  They decided to put Daphne on reverse isolation when she got to the ward to protect her from any bugs other patients might have.  The isolation ICE room is just off of a nurses’ station so it is quite noisy and not really private. 
After spending two nights there Daphne got her very own room!   What a change from the PICU environment only last week!  We have our own bathroom and lots of space for a play-mat, exer-saucer and toys.  And to really make the place liveable, we brought the Nespresso machine in to feed our caffeine habit. 

As for Daphne’s progress this week, she is now off of high flow during the day!  It is great to have her connected to less stuff!  At night her C-PAP rate is slowly being weaned down too.  Now that we are on the ward I am starting to give her meds as well.  We are also trying to get Daphne to eat.  We have tried rice cereal, applesauce, banana puree and fat free yogurt.  I can’t say she has actually consumed anything, but she seems to be getting used to the routine of meal times. 
 Our day to day routine is also different.  Now we are spending the nights at the hospital.  I think I will spend most nights with Daphne.  Although Wednesday night Grandma came and had a sleep over with Daphne so Brad and I could have a night with Rowan.  Tomorrow night Brad plans to spend the night with Daphne to give me another night with Rowan at home. 
Rowan has also been sick this week, so the girls have not been able to visit this week.  Rowan couldn’t even go to dance class or playschool this week either. 

This week we have been so happy to have Daphne in her own room.  Getting out of the PICU is such a milestone.  Daphne spent 12 weeks in there!  During that time we have met some amazing people.  The nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists started to feel like an extension of our family.  The care they showed for Daphne was genuine and has meant the world to us.  We will never forget our time spent there and never forget how thankful we are to the staff there. 

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  1. that's great vicky. you've got a nice setup in there. it's nice to see pictures of daphne with brighter eyes and less jaundice.
    we're thinking about you guys a lot.