Saturday, 28 April 2012

10th Anniversary

This has been another great week.  We have been very busy doing regular family things.  Daphne did give us a very difficult weekend; she decided to practice her crawling in the middle of the night!  For hours!  Monday night her sleeping habits become more tolerable.  She can crawl backwards a bit, not forwards yet, but she is very eager to get there.  Other than, like I said, we have been busy with regular stuff!  Brad is painting Daphne’s room.  I will post pictures once he is all done.  I have suddenly gotten into sewing.  Daphne now has a cute dress and matching bonnet.  I will post pictures once I finish a matching diaper cover.  I also indulged in a long, leisurely pedicure at a salon this week.  Friday Brad and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!  It’s hard to believe it has been a decade already.  Looking forward to many more decades!

Here are some pictures from this week. 
Friday Daphne did not want to sleep on her own, so instead she snoozed on my lap while Brad and I stayed up to watch a movie. 

Rowan enjoying some ice cream at the Earth Day festival at Fort Edmonton Park. 

Smiley angel!

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