Saturday, 7 April 2012

Settling Down

We have had a much slower week with Daphne’s medical care. Monday she had her appointment with the transplant team.  That went well.  She is gaining lots of weight and actually needs her formula watered down a bit.  She has really started to enjoy eating solids, that probably has something to do with her weight gain.  She has been causing trouble by pulling out her NG tube a couple of times this week and pulling off her broviac dressing once this week. 

In this picture you can see the broviac line in her chest.  We use this to get her twice weekly bloodwork without poking her.  This week it hasn't been working quite so well.  I hope it doesn't have to be removed so soon.  You can also see how nicely her scar is healing. 

Daphne's first playground visit post-transplant. 

Just accessorizing before breakfast. 

She loves to feed herself.  Here she is eating wild rice. 

Of course we dyed some Easter eggs this week. 

Daphne standing at the train table.  She loves taking apart all the track.

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