Friday, 20 April 2012

Back to Normal

Daphne was discharged from the hospital on Sunday.  It has been great to be home again.  Her liver numbers aren’t perfect, but they are improving.  She seems to need a lot of tacrolimus.  Daphne is now at 6 mg twice a day.  This week we skipped transplant clinic again, since Daphne had been in the hospital until Sunday anyway.  I am very happy to say I have little to report this week medically for Daphne.  She has kept me super busy with her active, happy self. 

Rowan has been bouncing constantly this week!

Rowan and Daphne playing at the train table.

Daphne is not crawling yet, but she can scoot around a bit and is reaching for things more and more.  I think she is really close to crawling. 

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